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knead /nēd/ verb
to work into shape

it's safe to assume we've all kneaded at some point, meticulously folding and shaping until right. it's apropos to the process we take when helping businesses thrive, molding and crafting your vision til it's superb.. as a double entendre, it's a needed hand. by engineering a plan of attack tailored to exceed each clients specific goals we take pride in being that helping hand when your in knead. we're here to help.

by assembling a team comprised of some of the greatest minds in the hospitality, food & beverage, operations, and sales and marketing arenas, knead solutions has the experience, insight, and expertise to:
• analyze your business
• understand your goals
• formulate a plan
• help you execute that plan with great detail

our consultants have not only worked with many of the world's largest leading hospitality brands (hyatt, hilton, gordon ramsey, wolfgang puck , etc.) but with many independent, local, and start up businesses as well. whether your looking to launch your dream or fine-tune your current concept we are the only consultant partner you’ll “knead”

When it’s solutions you need, you need Knead Solutions

we are experts in:
• business opening
• branding/rebranding
• cost control
• revenue growth
• location selection
• menu creation
• ff&e sourcing
• digital media
• task force
• feasibility studies
• staff training/retraining
and so much more.

not sure what help you may need? not sure where to begin? that’s where we come in. just contact us below and we’ll be happy to reach out, at no obligation, and start to get some answers to those questions.

we're here when you need us

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$ 6 b
"knead solutions helped us grow exponentially"
Andrew Connelly

The Lights

"i'm genuinely impressed with their ability to analyze, plan, and execute"
Alysha Sheldon

Art & Co.

"simply said, we couldn't have done it without knead solutions and nobody should."
Joseph Bridges

NY Times


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whether you want to discuss your goals or just bounce and idea off us, it's our pleasure to help.

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